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All I want for Christmas is my two front speakers
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All I want for Christmas is my two front speakers

by Bria StormDecember 10, 2017
Bose Companion 2 Series III

I’m not an audiophile or anything remotely close to it. I do, however, know a good sounding pair of speakers when I hear them.  Just like you, I have been listening to music for ages and it’s really a part of my life. A day without music is like a day without chocolate. Well, you get the idea.

With Christmas approaching, I went out and about to discover a pair of speakers that I could use for my computer as well as for jamming out when I wanted to. I usually use my computer for gaming and listening to YouTube music compilations.  I don’t do any kind of professional recordings or playback or any of that kind of stuff. So, professional caliber speakers are not what I am really looking for here. A set of speakers that run under $100, and have good base and solid highs is what’s ideal.

The ones that I settle on is a brand that we’re all pretty used to equating with good sound: Bose.  In particular the Bose Companion 2 Series III.  I was initially drawn to these speakers on display because of their design. I have a small desk and didn’t want anything bulky or “in your face.”  These are some excellently designed speakers. They are slim, classic, and understated. Just what I was looking for in my choice.


They are a matte black finish with a foam fabric grill. This is a change from the metal grill that were on previous versions. I like it because it softens up the profile of the speaker significantly.

It’s under $100 from most places (including retail and online) and the box contains the instruction manual, a cool and sleek power adapter, and of course the speakers.  The right speaker has the volume knob and a headphone jack so you can listen privately without having to wrestle with your computer’s plug-in.  The back has a connector port to connect the two together, the power port, RCA inputs, and an AUX input.


I enjoyed how easy it was to setup the speakers and have sound coming out of them.  There wasn’t a million wires to have to deal with and I was up and going within minutes.

The bass was surprisingly deep and warm, and the highs were crisp. Mid-range was somewhat flat an uninspiring but nothing a EQ tweak couldn’t overcome.  They make listening to YouTube and streaming sites a joy and I even fell asleep listening to some classic Sade.

If you’re looking to give some speakers for the holidays, or get some for yourself these powerful little guys are worth a look listen.



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