Submit your Game or Product for Review

Overview for submitting your game or product for review

We want to review your game or product. We really do. But in order for us to do so – we ask that you follow the below guidelines and instructions for getting whatever it is that you want GameGlance to look at. We receive a lot of requests, the better your pitch / proposal the better chance for us to consider it.

GameGlance, has been around in one iteration or another since 2005. Over the past decade we have been actively involved in the development of games. Our company began as an industry leader of providing in-game advertising to some of the largest brands and players in the industry. Roughly five years later, our in-game advertising IP was sold, and we changed gears to being more involved with being active in providing news and reviews about gaming. Then, we expanded to providing information, news and reviews about techie gadgets – as our demographic (and our common sense) indicated that the two industry go hand-in-hand. The reviews that we provide are unbiased.


Guidelines for submitting a game

Once you reach the final stages of your game development, it is time to get an unbiased, third-party opinion of your game. GameGlance provides that service to game developers and publishers, and to our continually growing audience. In order to review your game, we need to ask a few questions and get a copy of your game for our editorial staff.

Please understand that there is a short waiting period involved in the submission process. We get many requests per day and with limited staff and hours in the day, you can see how difficult it is to accommodate every request. It is important that you stand-out from the crowd. If you are on a deadline for your review, do yourself a favor and make sure that you clearly state this is your request and submit your game to us a few weeks ahead of time. Include the date of your deadline. This is not a guarantee that your review will be up on that date, but we will not publish it before that date.

Game previews and betas

You don’t need to wait until your game is completed to get a sample of out into the public. Send us an Alpha or Beta version of your game and we will conduct a preview article, which basically lets the audience know about your game in general terms and how they can learn more about it by visiting your site. We welcome beta keys and encourage you to submit them. Also, if you have keys that you’d like to provide to the public – please make sure that you clearly indicate how your beta or pre-release program works.

Previews also provide an opportunity for a critique and suggestions of the game so far, how certain areas can be improved, and sometimes even a few features we’d like to see included in the final launch version.

100% unbiased review!

Under no circumstances will GameGlance ever provide a positive or negative review of a game based on who the developer is or who else may be involved in the game process. If a publisher, distributor etc or game is also our advertiser the corresponding review will note it. We do not sell reviews.



Guidelines for submitting a product

First, email us. Once your email has been received, we will consider whether your product is one that will fit within our scope. If we believe that is then your email is forwarded to a specific reviewer if your product is falls within their specialty or they request to review it. The team loves to review all types of gear, and as you’ve probably noticed – we cover all sorts of items – so don’t worry if your product seems a little “different” or totally offbeat. Chances are that the more original your product is, the more we’ll enjoy reviewing it!

Once your product has been approved, you will be supplied with a shipping address; we will assign the appropriate reviewer who may contact you for additional information.

If you just happen to have one of our physical addresses (perhaps because we have previously done a review for you), and you send a product without prior approval, then please understand that there will be no guarantees your product will be reviewed.

Please note:

When you send a review item, you are acknowledging that GameGlance will be writing an unbiased review of your product. We do not “sell reviews”, and you cannot get a positive review by sending a non-returnable product or with advertising.

We publish both positive and negative reviews; we will not ‘neglect to mention’ a product just because we didn’t like it. We are writing from a consumer’s perspective, so if your product is good, we want to let people know about it. If your product does not perform as billed, we want to let people know about that as well.

Manufacturer, Developer, and Supplier comments are welcome and encouraged in the comments section. However, the actual review text is always going to be the reviewer’s own.

You will not be given the chance to “approve” the review prior to publication, nor will you be given editorial authority of any kind.

Once a review is published on GameGlance, we will issue updates as appropriate, adding “:UPDATED” to the title then changing any factual errors that have been brought to our attention and verified by us. We will not, however remove published posts. Upon the vendor or manufacturer’s request we will review updated products or applications when supplied to us. When the second review is posted we will add a link to it at the beginning of the original post.

You will be contacted if the item appears to be defective; as it is only fair that a working item be reviewed.

Items sent will be used during the review process. For this reason we generally do not return review items provided and never return wearables such as headphones or storage devices such as hard drives.

The following may occur with items which do not require a return:

Item may be kept by the reviewer for further use and long-term testing
Item may be given away in a contest on GameGlance
Item may be given away at the reviewer’s discretion to family, friends, other reviewers, etc.
Items will never be sold, but they may be traded (i.e. – gadget-swap situation with another reviewer on GameGlance or elsewhere)

If product return is necessary, then it is the vendor’s responsibility to discuss this with the reviewer before an item is sent and to include a postage paid return label with tracking in the original shipping package. It is also the vendor’s responsibility to immediately let the reviewer know a postage paid return label should have been included but was forgotten and follow up with one, if they will need the review item returned and that was not initially specified. Otherwise the review item will be considered non-returnable.

Please indicate the following if available:

Competitive Products
Distributors / Retailers

Please be advised that we do NOT return products such as memory devices, hard drives or mobile phones. We actually use them during testing, for security reasons we will not send back a product that has held any of our personal data.

You may be given a tentative date upon which the review will appear, we strive for within 2 weeks after receipt of the item, but that is not always possible. We need time to actually discover all of the ins and outs of your product; our reviews do not regurgitate press releases, and these reviews may involve multiple installments and/or video. Actual publish dates will depend upon the complexity of the review item and the existing size of the Gear Diary team member’s review queue.

A link to the manufacturer’s site and a link to the product supplier’s site will be included in the review, along with MSRP and wrap-up comments. If there is a particular retailer that you would like linked, we would be happy to accommodate your wishes


Guidelines for submitting a press release

Once you reach the final stages of your game

Submit now

Submit your game today by emailing us at When submitting, please include a press release and media kit (images, videos and documents providing information about the game). Provide a link for a digital download, or inform us how to access your game. If you want to send an actual physical product to us – then see below. Please be sure to include ways for the audience to contact you, learn more about your game, and how to make a purchase! PS. Don’t forget your release date!

Submit your product today by sending us an email to indicating what the product is, who you are, and what relationship do you have with the product? If your product is accepted for review, we will email you specifics of the review process. Make sure that you provide complete contact information so that should we need clarification your details are readily available.

Unfortunately, we are not able to reply to all requests. If you do not receive a reply within 10 working days then we regret that we declined to review your game or product. Please feel free to re-submit upon further revisions or new features etc.