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Steep Road to the Olympics | Ubisoft
It's a thrilling road to glory for the gamepad athlete.

DLC available December 5th, 2017
Great sense of scale and expanse
Interviews are well done


Story and narrative is tired
Mandatory tutorial
Unrealistic scoring
Predictable outcome
Courses are repetitive

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Yet to be seen if these Olympics actually transpire.
Road to Olympics is not available with the Season Pass or Gold Editions. It must be purchased separately.

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Training. Qualifying. Competition. Glory.

Developed by Ubisoft, Steep: Road to Olympics takes you along a snowy and thrilling path towards the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018.  Top talents like Julia Marino (professional snowboarder), Gus Kenworthy (Olympic Silver Medialist), and even Olympic Gold Medalist, Bode Miller ramp up the excitement for the title with their tales on what it takes to be a part of the Olympic Team.

The is a certain atmosphere that is different. It is either all, or nothing. I want to win so I am willing to risk everything. Lindsey Vonn

The original Steep was to allow free exploration of snow packed mountains and more and it sold itself on that but fell short. The newest expansion, Road to Olympics, is more rigid as you have to follow a defined linear progression in order to achieve glory (and hopefully gold). The story is long and tired. The narrative here is a rinse and repeat. I was hoping that I would get a different feel from playing, but alas I didn’t. Kind of the seen one seen them all taste.


Some interviews peak your excitement but then become disconnected to the story on quality alone. Then there is the mandatory tutorial which thankfully only takes a couple of hours to get through. The event scoring seemed a little off as well. As many times I would score 2 to 3 times higher than anyone else and there was no sense that I would ever drop out of first place ranking.

It always feels great to go barreling down a mountain at break neck speeds. Flipping and twirling to your heart’s content. I haven’t seen a game that pulls of the sense of scale like the Steep titles. That is something that is done really well. You do get the sense that this thing is big. I mean really big.  Go off a cliff jump and you’re like “Whooooooo.”


Road to Olympics is a time gobbler. If you don’t have much to do and are just looking to burn some time than it’s perfect for that. It lacks a sense of real achievement because of the scoring bias, but roaming free in the mountains is a great diversion.


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