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PS4 rumored “NEO” specs raise questions

PS4 rumored “NEO” specs raise questions

by Kyn SteetlerApril 19, 2016
Sony PS4.5

I don’t really remember anything that was .5 was really worth getting. The PlayStation 4.5 or “NEO” looks like to isn’t going to break the streak. You’ve got to really question the decision for Sony to release this interim model before the anticipated PS5. Is it because the release of the PS5 has significantly moved back to cause concern that Sony would lose some of the 4k market share.

Nevertheless rumor (Giant Bomb) has it that it’s coming and the specs between it and the PS4 are not all that different.  So much so that it’s performance at 4k is going to be questionable. It seems like it is aptly situated for the UHD market, but not for much else.

  • The CPU is getting bumped from 1.6GHz to 2.1GHz.
  • The GPU is increasing from 18CUs  at 800 MHz to 36CUs at 911 MHz
  • Memory is 8GB for both but increasing from 176 GB/s to 218 GB/s

Resolution is supposed to have increased to support 4K. The PS4 NEO will not have it’s own exclusive games. The only difference is that the NEO will be able to run an improved version – higher resolution, 60fps, better graphics etc. It would be akin to a PC game, and whatever settings selected based on your graphics card and rig setup.

Our bet is that this is a move to encourage developers to start pushing the fps window, and ultimately get them moving in the 4K direction.

Games that are already released would be able to be patched to the NEO version.

No details on the timeline of a rollout. We post an update when we hear of one.


[image courtesy: Sony]


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