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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries out 4th quarter 2018 | Piranha

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries out 4th quarter 2018 | Piranha

by Takumi YamaroDecember 11, 2017
The MechWarrior legacy will guide you if you choose to follow it.
Everything we built was meant for you

I remember back in the old AOL days and playing BattleTech Solaris VII – which can be arguably the precursor to the MechWarrior franchise. It was created by a small studio named Kesmai Studios and then it was purchased by Electronic Arts (EA) and subsequently shutdown.

Basically robots duke it out on the battlefield. Up to 4 players can take on the game’s central campaign.  You have an AI team unless you have IRL people to take the AI spots.

I liked BattleTech back then – it was simple and straightforward. It seems that Piranha is of the same thought recently. They appear to be returning back to the roots of the genre by possibly including a single player mode. It will also be the first release in over 4 years.

Judging by the trailer I’m not overly thrilled. Here’s why: Graphics.  Sadly, Piranha hasn’t made any real improvements in the visual area of the game. I could of very well been playing this back in 2012. Now this game isn’t being released for a year so there could be some improvements in this department. But the graphics of the game, the UI and everything about the game visually is old and tired.

Yes, the landscape of the game has been improved. However, simple things like the lasers firing, the cockpits, damage readouts etc are woefully dated. It looks like very little effort was made to make core areas appealing. For example, the lasers basically look like straight green lines firing out.

The bar for visually appealing games has been raised by a number of games – mostly in the MMORPG arena. It is time that other publishers catch up to the expected standard instead of pushing out titles that look no different then what they did 4 to 5 years ago.

Piranha will avail mod support for the title through Steam Workshop. This will allow players to customize their own missions, planets, and other details of the game. As the title suggests – the main plot here is for players to run their own mercenary company.

Keep your eyes peeled December 2018. Updates are sure to follow.

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