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Dash by Bragi – more than just wireless in-ear headphones
Innovative Idea

Dash by Bragi – more than just wireless in-ear headphones

by Bria StormSeptember 16, 2015


I am super excited about these. They are basically like wearing an exercise or life tracker in your ear. The design is a little polarizing and just a tad large, but I’m sure the good guys over at Bragi will improve the design with each iteration. As of now, they are about the same size as many of the larger scale earphones out there. They are available in black and white and have a cool little accessory called the “leash” which attaches to each of the headphones and then clips on your clothes.  This makes sure that if you are doing something adventurous and one of them comes loose, you aren’t going to lose it.

Noise Cancellation

Some will like this feature. Others will hate it. Not to worry, because it can actively be turned off and on. These earphones have some sophisticated noise cancellation properties. While I’m not a scientist, I can recognize serious science built within technology. The Dash earphones have it with a white lab coat on. It’s best explained by the experts at Bragi:

While active noise cancellation is only good at reducing continuous reoccurring sound, noise isolation reduces all sounds. Active noise cancellation is good at reducing noise from the air-con and airplanes. Noise Isolation reduces noise from screaming kids, dogs barking, wife/husband yelling, airplanes, speeding cars, drunken sailors, neighbors playing basketball. Just about everything. Best thing is, that great noise isolation has increased battery time versus active noise cancellation. Bragi

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It’s like a Swiss Army knife for your ear

The Dash earphones pack a mean punch. They have more features than just about any other earphone that comes to mind at the moment. I especially like the fitness aspect of the Dash. There is a RED and an LED and optical light sensor, thermometer, ear bone microphone, an ambient microphone, 3-axis accelerometer, 5 field capacitive sensor, 4GB flash storage, Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX, 32 bit ARM processor, digital sound processor, analog frontend with 22 bit ADC, 100 mAh battery, and a very cool LED light ring.



Bragi brand and marketing is developing as you read this. They have a pretty good idea of where they want to go and have assembled a pretty creative team to get them there as evidenced below.  Note the CES Innovation Award they grabbed for 2015 – not an easy feat to accomplish by any means. You can also see the charger assembly for the earphones in the photo below.

Final Thoughts

The Dash earphones by Bragi have potential. There is no doubt about that. The design is clean, the tech behind the product innovative. The big question is whether or not the market is ready for this product? The earphones do a lot, and I am just wondering about how they sound. After all, I am first and foremost after a pair of great sounding headphones. All the other bells and whistles just make it that much better. Hopefully, we can get our hands on a pair to get a review on how they sound!

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