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April 23, 2016

Mobile gaming spend will surpass PC and Consoles

Mobile gaming revenue is well on its way to surpass that of PCs and consoles by the end of 2016. Once considered a joke, and nothing to be taken too seriously by many hardcore developers in the traditional gaming industry, it is now demanding attention from them. Many have embraced the swift ascent of the mobile gaming market and are aggressively developing for it. Others are still in a somewhat state of denial.

According to CNBC, mobile gaming is projected to total $36.9 billion dollars of revenue in 2016. PC gaming is in second with $31.9 billion in sales and consoles are in a close third with $29 billion.

In the coming years, the cellphone industry will finally [...]

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April 22, 2016

The future of gaming consoles – full smartphone integration

Roughly 11 years ago, I wrote about OBI (One Box Integration) where the gaming console will assume the other functions that occupied the living room at that time. It would become the video DVD player, stream music, stream content, provide entertainment beyond games etc.  Turns out this was pretty on target and Microsoft even called their yet to be released gaming console the “Xbox One.” Pretty coincidental isn’t it?

Today, I am going to touch upon the route that gaming consoles will take over the next 10 years.  The gaming consoles of tomorrow will utilize SPIA (Smartphone Integrated Architecture).

Consoles don’t have the product and update cycle [...]

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April 15, 2016

Supercell’s Clash Royale slated for a billion dollar revenue

Looks like Supercell is on their way to making Clash Royale a mega-hit. From its initial release it seemed like it would be a fab game. Renowned App analytics firm Newzoo has released their analysis of March in mobile gaming, and estimate that Clash Royale has made $110 million before app stores’ cuts. Clash Royale is set to be on the path of joining the billion-dollar mobile game club. It’s doubted that it will hit that number in 2016, but do look for some major growth numbers. Or, you can help it along by plunking down your cash.

It’s worth noting that the game could start to decline at some point if Supercell doesn’t keep players satisfied [...]

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November 29, 2015

Plague Inc goes multiplayer

If you ever wanted some help in your efforts to destroy the world then the time has come. Plague Inc. has gone multiplayer in efforts to ease the destruction of all humanity. No longer do you have to rely on yourself – now there are others looking to join your quest of annihilation.  But it’s a competition – who is going to get it done faster?

You may have heard the name before. And it’s no wonder. Plague Inc. has been around since 2012 and has released various additions to game including Simian Flu and other variants. Create the proper pathogen, use the proper deployment, and you very well could kill us all. You can even create anti-virals in order to [...]

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