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December 10, 2017

All I want for Christmas is my two front speakers

I’m not an audiophile or anything remotely close to it. I do, however, know a good sounding pair of speakers when I hear them.  Just like you, I have been listening to music for ages and it’s really a part of my life. A day without music is like a day without chocolate. Well, you get the idea.

With Christmas approaching, I went out and about to discover a pair of speakers that I could use for my computer as well as for jamming out when I wanted to. I usually use my computer for gaming and listening to YouTube music compilations.  I don’t do any kind of professional recordings or playback or any of that kind of stuff. So, professional caliber speakers are not [...]

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December 10, 2017

Sony PlayStation network name changes on radar

Maybe you were 14 when you setup your Sony PlayStation network name: XXxKillerZergerxXX and now that you are a decade older and more refined you realize that name really doesn’t suit you anymore. Changing your network name hasn’t been a possibility and was permanent once you created it.

However, in a recent interview at PlayStation Experience, Sony’s Shawn Layden said that he’d like to have a name change option available sometime in 2018.

The reason why name changes haven’t been available prior to now was because it giving rise to possible trolling and griefing. This could be prevented by implementing a system like Ebay has for example. [...]

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April 24, 2016

Apple’s iPhone sales anticipated to decline this year

Apple is receiving a distinction of a different kind. Usually, they’re adorned with accolades for their design, simplicity, and marketing amongst others. This time around a noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, is on record for telling investors that Apple is likely to be the only one of the top 5 smartphone producers to see a decline for the year.

He notes that the iPhone 7 won’t have many new features or innovations. The result is that current iPhone owners won’t feel the need to upgrade their phone because the new features don’t justify the expenditure.   Sales are only predicted to be between 190 and 205 million units.  Most others on Wall [...]

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April 21, 2016

Final Fantasy 15 could be the end of the franchise

There is a lot riding on the future success of Final Fantasy 15. Not in the standpoint of the studio’s sake (Square Enix) but for the title’s sake.  Square Enix is not in any dire financial straits at this point and if their game bombs – it’s only going to be a glancing blow.

How it impacts the fans that it has accumulated over the past 30 years is another story. It began as the swan song of Squaresoft and a little know designer named Hironobu Sakaguchi.  The original first 5 of the Final Fantasy releases had mild success. It slowly was building the franchise for what was to be a huge explosion of success that few games have had before.

The [...]

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All I want for Christmas is my two front speakers