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OMG. 10 years already?! Broke ground with GG and still here. WTF?
The interns love me. Stop capitalizing internet now. It's no longer 1997.
Editor-in-chief | A long history in the gaming industry. A passion for tech and gadgets and a gamer since Pong first arrived.
Associate Editor | *blink *blink - I'm still here? Give me some java and a game and I'm gtg.
Technically I love pocket gadgets. Anything that can fit in your pocket and is very cool. But when I don't have my hands in my pockets, I'm gaming.
Love playing games. Grew up with 3 brothers fighting for the controller. Excited about the direction of gaming - I wanna be a part of it.
Happy to write about anything to do with the industry. Mom and dad were writers - I'm trying to do it more often. Still Learning.