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2017 GameGlance Innovator of the Year: Elon Musk
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It will not be long until we see deep thinking and elevated AI enter into the gaming arena

Elon Musk continues to set the bar high for everyone and everything that is remotely related to technology industries. His personal vision of how he would like the sequences of things to play out on the global stage is inspiring. He has impacted and disrupted numerous social norms, companies, and industries. Skeptics often cite that he overreaches towards his objectives and his ambition is too misplaced. Not only does Elon continue to put those same skeptics in place but he has constantly materialized and produced what he claimed he would. Yes, sometimes it is behind schedule. But the fact is he has done what he has said he would do.


  • Elon Musk is revolutionizing transportation both on earth and in space.
  • Tesla Motors, his auto manufacturer, is bringing fully-electric vehicles to the mass market. Its Model 3 car retails for a starting price of $35,000.
  • SpaceX, Musk’s rocket company, is now valued at more than $20 billion.
  • He grew up in South Africa, then immigrated to Canada at age 17. He landed in the US as a transfer student at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Musk was a cofounder of Paypal; he scored a huge payday when the business was acquired by eBay for $1.4 billion in 2002.

He is progressing AI, through his Open AI program, at such a breakneck pace that within a short as 2 years (2020) we as a society will be profoundly impacted by it. Not only will the AI that he is advancing start to see it’s way into industries and manufacturing, but it will also have a trickle effect into games, software, operating systems and more.  Elon Musk has innovated more in the last 5 years than what we’ve done collectively over the last 20 years.  Of course that’s subjective – but I’ve been on this planet now for almost a half century and what I’ve seen this man put out in the last 5 years has absolutely blown my mind.

Did you know?

Musk, who has warned of artificial intelligence’s possible dangers, tweeted that Mark Zuckerberg, who disagrees with him, has a “limited” grasp of the subject.

Self-driving cars, tickets for low-orbit, colonizing Mars, an Electric semi-truck, a train that goes 700mph underground? It is unbelievable the speed in which things are going at nowadays because of this man. He has kicked the asses of those that have stood idly by for so long. He has passed them and now is the motivating force behind countless industries to get in gear or get out.

For these reasons and more GameGlance awards Elon Musk the 2017 Innovator of the Year Award.


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